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CMSP Mini Grants Program

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The CMSP Governing Board seeks to support local health care systems in CMSP counties develop strategies to reduce barriers between health care providers and systems and promote collaboration and system linkages to facilitate timely and effective delivery of health care services to enrolled CMSP members, potential CMSP members, and other persons receiving publicly funded health coverage.

Under the CMSP Mini Grants Program, applicants may seek one-time funding of up to $20,000 for development of health systems linkages across health care providers and/or across the health and behavioral health systems serving CMSP and potential CMSP members. Funding is intended to support activities that can be completed in a time frame of 6-12 months. Efforts funded by Mini Grants must target persons eligible for or potentially eligible for CMSP, but may also contribute to improvements for populations served by other publicly funded health care programs, such as Medi-Cal. Applicants may apply for grants for a county-wide strategy or a regional strategy that incorporates two or more counties. The applicant must be either a county or a not-for-profit organization.

Mini Grants may support county-specific or multi-county efforts to:

  • Expand access to care for primary care, specialty care, and/or behavioral health services.
  • Coordinate and/or integrate health and behavioral health care service systems.
  • Strengthen the overall health care delivery system in the county across a range of health and behavioral health providers.

Proposed activities may include items such as:

  • Planning activities: organizational assessments; strategic planning; fund development; or communications/marketing.
  • Staff development/training: relevant training for healthcare and behavioral health professionals.
  • Strategic relationships/collaboration: technical assistance; consultant support; restructuring; development of interagency agreements; or business planning.
  • Internal operations: improvements to financial management; development of evaluation systems and training; or facility planning.
  • Technology improvements: improving IT capacity through upgrades to hardware and software; networking; updating websites; and staff training to optimize use of technology.

Applications must be postmarked no later than July 3, 2017 and received by the CMSP Governing Board no later than July 7, 2017. The RFP and associated attachments are available for download below:

A listing of Frequently Asked Questions and responses may be viewed at:

Summaries of the five CMSP Mini Grants Program projects funded in Round One may be viewed at:

CMSP County Wellness & Prevention Pilot Project

Green Grapes on Vine.

The Request for Proposals (RFP) for the CMSP County Wellness and Prevention Pilot Project was released in July 2016. Under the Pilot Project, approved by the CMSP Governing Board on May 26, 2016, up to $7.65 million will be allocated to CMSP counties to test the effectiveness of providing local-level wellness and prevention services to CMSP eligible and potentially eligible persons. The 31 approved county pilot projects will address three project areas:

  • Community Wellness: Community based, collaborative strategies to provide wellness and prevention services for uninsured populations, with a focus on potential CMSP enrollees.
  • Whole Person Care: Integrated systems development strategies that link local health and human service delivery systems to better serve CMSP enrollees, potential CMSP enrollees, and other publicly funded populations.
  • Addressing the Social Determinants of Health: Collaborative local efforts to work across five determinants Economic Stability, Education, Social and Community Context, Health and Health Care, and Neighborhood and Built Environment to establish policies and strategies that positively influence social and economic conditions and those that support changes in individual behavior for the uninsured, including potential CMSP enrollees.

The goals of the County Wellness and Prevention Pilot Project are to promote timely delivery of necessary medical and support services to the target populations, improve their health outcomes, and link them to other wellness resources and support. The three year effort will conclude in December 2020.

CMSP Local Health Connections Pilot Project

The CMSP Local Health Connections Pilot Project was developed to test the effectiveness of providing local-level services and support to designated CMSP enrollees and likely CMSP enrollees with complex medical and/or social conditions. The goal of the pilot project was to promote the timely delivery of necessary medical and support services to the target population, improve health outcomes for the target population, link the target population to other resources and support, and improve the overall cost-effectiveness of expenditures made on behalf of the target population.

In early 2010, CMSP began the three-year pilot project funding five (5) Planning Grants and three (3) Implementation Grants. In 2011, the Governing Board funded an additional five (5) Implementation Grants.

The Governing Board contracted with The Lewin Group, Inc. to provide technical assistance and evaluation services for the pilot project. The final report was released in August 2013 and is available for download and review below:

For more information about the CMSP Local Health Connections Pilot Project, please contact Alison Kellen, Program Manager at (916) 649-2631 ext. 119 or


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