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Summary of Benefits

A specific set of primary care benefits that do not require payment of a monthly Share of Cost (SOC) is provided to certain CMSP members (those with a SOC for their CMSP Standard Benefit) in addition to the CMSP Standard Benefit. The added benefit provides the following coverage during the memberís CMSP eligibility period:

  • Primary care and/or specialty care services (with no SOC or copayment) for:
    • Medical office visits with a primary care doctor and/or specialist or for physical therapy services
    • Preventive health screenings: annual physical, specific lab tests and cancer screenings
    • Specific diagnostic tests and minor office procedures
  • Prescription drug coverage with a $5.00 copay for each prescription (maximum benefit limit of $1,500 in prescription costs)
  • More information about the primary care benefits is provided HERE.


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