CMSP Health Systems Development Grant Program

Through the Health Systems Development Grant Program (HSG), the CMSP Governing Board seeks to support local health care systems in CMSP counties, to develop and implement strategies that reduce barriers between health care providers and systems and to promote collaboration and system linkages that facilitate effective delivery of health care services to enrolled and potential CMSP members, and to additionally assist other persons receiving publicly-funded health coverage.

The CMSP Governing Board launched the HSG Request for Proposals January 2, 2019.  Under the HSG, applicants sought one-time funding of up to $300,000 over three years. Submitted grant applications are currently being reviewed by the CMSP Governing Board.

HSG Program Objectives

  • Expand access to primary care, specialty care and/or behavioral health services
  • Coordinate and/or integrate health and behavioral health care service systems
  • Strengthen the overall health care delivery system in the county across a range of health and behavioral health providers

HSG Tentative Timeline



January 2, 2019

RFP Released

January 17, 2019

First RFP Assistance Teleconference at 9:30 AM

February 6, 2019

Second RFP Assistance Teleconference at 9:30 AM

March 1, 2019

Grant Applications due by 12:00 PM

April 11, 2019

Award Letters Mailed

May 1, 2019

Grant Agreements Executed and Projects Begin

April 30, 2022

Grant Program Ends

For more information about this program please contact Laura Moyer, Program Analyst at (916) 649-2631 ext. 110 or