How Do I?

How do I become an enrolled CMSP provider?

If you are interested in providing health care services to CMSP members, you must be a part of the CMSP provider network. To become a part of the network, you must execute a provider agreement with the CMSP Governing Board. For more information regarding becoming a part of the network, contact Advanced Medical Management at (877) 589-6807.Additional Clinics interested in participating, see below and submit an application by 9/5/2019 at noon.

How do I become a Path to Health Clinical provider?

If you are interested in providing health care services for the Path to Health Pilot, applications for Phase 2 are available now and must be completed and submitted by 9/5/2019 at noon.  For applications documents and timeline information – Click Here.

How can I verify a patient’s enrollment in CMSP?

CMSP members are mailed both a CMSP identification card and a State of California benefit identification card (BIC) following enrollment in CMSP. All providers can verify a member’s CMSP eligibility and CMSP Share-of-Cost (if applicable) through the Medi-Cal system (online, POS, and phone AEVS). Medical and dental providers can also call AMM’s Customer Service at (877) 589-6807 to confirm CMSP eligibility. Retail pharmacy providers can contact MedImpact directly at (800) 788-2949 to confirm CMSP eligibility.

How do I bill CMSP for medical and dental services?

Please refer to the CMSP Provider Operations Manual (POM), posted online at for details about billing CMSP for medical and/or dental services rendered to CMSP members. Prior authorization and benefit limits may apply for certain services. Providers can also contact AMM’s Customer Service at (877) 589-6807.

How do I know which medications are covered on CMSP’s Drug Formulary?

Please visit our Pharmacy Page for a copy of CMSP’s Drug Formulary. Medication Request Forms are available to download here.

How do I learn more about the Path to Health Pilot Project?
The Path to Health Pilot Project launched February 2019 and there are currently 46 clinics providing care under the Path to Health program. For more information, please visit